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Board Chairman

Board Chairman Message

Dear Customers,

Proceeding from being partners of success, and believing in our responsibility towards our country, our society and the world in which we live and aspire to broader horizons with our depth of Africa and our brothers all over the world.
We are honoured to provide our products of plastic pipes and fittings ((PPR and UPVC), taking a quality that is an indispensable way and taking into account the maximum rules of occupational safety and health using the latest types of manufacturing technology and the finest types of raw materials It conforms to all international standards, taking into account the social and economic conditions of our country. We are committed to providing honest technical advice and outstanding after-sales service.

Bella City believes that the world can be a better place if we all commit ourselves to improving our performance day by day and by forging partnerships between all countries of the world and ensuring that the most important issues are addressed in a consistent manner, we can all contribute to building a sustainable future.

We will make sure that our commitment to sustainability will help us further improve our business in the years ahead.
Looking forward to a place we wish and deserve locally and globally.

God grants success . .

Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Board Chairman

Why Bella City

Bella City stands for innovation and setting new trends in the piping industry. Bringing newer piping technologies and continuous innovation in existing as well as new products has been the focal point at Bella City. This special emphasis helps the brand set the bar higher and lead amongst others by example. Bella City is also known for its compromise-free quality and exceeding consumer’s expectations.

Right from introducing new piping technologies to innovative brand communications, Bella City’s brand mission has been to maintain and grow a commanding presence in the minds of customers and to deliver promised values, consistently.

Board Chairman

Our Manufacturing Plants

Bella City Pipes is equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities across the country which enables to meet requirements of various geographies and markets. Our backward integration capabilities for CPVC compounding (45000 MT pa) enables us to become a genuine Indian Manufacturer. Our six manufacturing units across the country have automated material handling and feeding systems. Bella City Production process and control is based on SCADA system and we have in-house QC department to keep close control over the production quality.

Our pipes manufacturing units are:

- Santej, Gujarat
- Dholka, Gujarat
- Hosur, Tamil Nadu
- Ghiloth, Rajasthan
- Sangli, Maharashtra
- Sitarganj, Uttarakhand

About Us

Research and Development

Today's competition involving the industry of pipelines, joints of potable water and drainage requires major companies and factories to constantly meet the changeable needs of customers in the global markets. Thus, Bella City is concerned with conducting research, development and design through specialized team that designs products offering real technical solutions that meet customers’ needs.


The latest international technologies are used in production and quality control via utilizing the latest production lines and laboratory equipment, starting from product design to customer delivery to ensure the highest quality rates, reduce errors and minimize problems.


Our production processes are continuously supported by using certified quality systems in accordance with standard specifications, and our products are subject to continuous review and examination at (__ percentage), including the entire types of pipes and plastic cutting products. Accordingly, Bella City obtained various consents and accreditations from the entire local and global accreditation entities.


Serving customer is our company’s management first concern and objective; where we provide services to our clients through continuous communication domestically and abroad. There is a trained technical team from the Customer Service Department to meet all their requirements related to products and their use, and provides the necessary technical support stemming from the company's commitment to its customers.

Environmental Policy

Bella City is concerned with environment, and this is reflected in its production processes so that we can all live in healthy and industrially environment. Our factories have been prepared to obtain (Environmental Management System Certificate); to ensure our concern for environment in the entire production-related processes.

Occupational Safety and Health

Bella City pays great attention to the safety and health of company’s entire staff and visitors; where employees and human capital are the source of pride and glory for the Company and the Egyptian state as a whole. Therefore, BellaCity factories obtained certificate of safety and occupational health management system in accordance with standard specifications.

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